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America One Security is a full service security provider working to protect your interests. Some of are clients include but are not limited to Railroads, Power plants, Hospitals, High Rise Owners and large and small businesses. America One Security has the knowledge, employees, and resources to implement a customized security system or plan for you.

Regardless of the product or service, we all test the functionality of our purchases. We ensure seat belts are in working order before we purchase a car, our cellular phones will operate near our homes and child monitors are in working order before we move away from our children. So why not test our security systems? To some degree or another, governments and corporations provide security for the protection of their physical locations. This may range from a security system encompassing camera surveillance and personal protection, to the highest degree of sophisticated technology, software and trained personnel. But how do these security systems operate under duress? America One Security has all of the capabilities to challenge your security system through “penetration” exercises. Our highly trained and professional staff will make every effort to obtain access onto the premises and into your facility(s). If entry is accessed, America One Security can evolve the security analysis to include electronic and document security.

Based on the results of the penetration analysis and the recommendations provided within America One Security’s written report, we can discuss how best to improve your system. America One Security is capable of providing all goods and services recommended in our evaluation.

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