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Access Control

Access Control: Access control system provides control of your entire facilities operation or your community! With the security concerns for people and assets, you can increase the level of protection with a variety of technologies, which include Proximity/Barcode/Biometric. Manage all entry and exit activity. From software solutions with integrated video to hardware, card readers and keypad devices, whether small, mid-sized or global enterprise, America One Security offers powerful, reliable, and easy to use systems to fit your needs. We can help protect your property, your inventory and your employees by limiting or controlling access into or out of key onsite areas. We can assist you in the design and implementation of the proper system components to accomplish the Access Control you desire. Each system gives you complete control of whom, when, and where can enter your key areas.

America One Security provides Hardware and Software Solutions for Office, Building, Parking Lot, Garage, Elevator and Access Control Applications. No system in too large or too small for America One Security. Whether you’re a construction company bidding on a new project, a building owner looking to gain control of your investment, a property management looking to gain control of your property, or a tenant to enhance and better secure the work environment, America One Security has the solution…

In addition to access control, there are systems for asset tracking which can monitor personnel or inventory (laptops, merchandise and computers etc.) for companies through our advanced GPS systems.. America One Security has the experience needed to insure a successful and ongoing solution to your needs. Whether you have a single gate or door to be controlled, a single or multi-tenant office building or several communities in which you want to gain control of, America One Security has the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

  • Single Door, 4-door Access, Multi-Door Access Panels
  • Biometric
  • Stand-alone systems
  • Proximity
  • Key fobs
  • Asset Tracking
  • GPS