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Chemical and Biological Agent Protection

The realistic concern over a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) attack has lead to the development of defensive programs to address such threats. Defensive strategy must encompass all aspects including pre attack planning, agent identification and removal, containment and first aid. America One Security provides all levels of CBRN support ranging from the vulnerability analysis and training, through products and medical treatment. Our training is provided at your location; however, America One Security houses training facilities if desired. America One Security provides all products and services available today to support an effective and complete CBRN program. Products include:

  • Protective Clothing and Devices – Filtration Masks, Protective Suits, Respirators, Hand and Foot Protection, Clothing and Weapon Decontamination.
  • Chemical and Biological Agent Detection – Devices that identify the presence of a chemical or biological warfare agent. These devices are both mobile and stationary.
  • Biological Decontamination – America One Security provides patented technologies that are effective in the decontamination of biological warfare agents. Few technologies exist in world today that is both effective and safe for use.
  • Radiological Detection – Available technology capable of detecting low levels of radiological contamination.
  • First Aid – Healthcare supplies specifically designed to treat exposure to a non-conventional attack. Products are also available in support of first responders and mass casualty situations.
  • Education and Training– Our qualified staff will provide historical and real time education, outlining how non-conventional weapons have been used historically. We will provide a thorough analysis of potential targets within our client’s location and provide an overall assessment of vulnerability.