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Gates and Treadles

America One Security is committed to providing outstanding workmanship and quality gate products to our customers. We have installed access controlled gate systems for hospitals, railroads, and private communities. At America One Security we strive to meet our customer's individual needs.

Why Us? Experience has shown that not all automatic gate equipment is equal. Many of our competitors sell brands that we feel perform at a sub-standard level, and our mission has always been to provide the very best access equipment at the lowest cost. If you believe the saying "you get what you pay for," then you will appreciate the quality products we have to offer.


  • Gate Operators
  • Swing Gates
  • Slide Gates
  • Lift Gates
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Automatic Gate Hardware
  • Remote (transmitters) and Access Cards
  • Safety devices for electrical gate systems
  • Automatic Gate Accessories

Treadles Systems

America One Security provides a wide variety of Treadle Systems or tire spikes, which allows traffic in one direction only. It can be used as a free entrance or exit to your parking facility. It can also be used to enforce one-way traffic in such drive-through areas as hotels, banks, commuter stations, etc.