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Surveillance Systems

America One Security will design you a custom intelligent video solution to resolve all your security concerns. We offer a countless number of intelligent solutions that are affordable without sacrificing quality. All of our systems come with our client software which gives you secure remote access from anywhere in the world.

Surveillance System Products

  • Wireless Systems – For those locations where cable is not a viable option. High Resolution images (H.264 Compression) at 60 Frames per second.
  • Solar Security Systems – For locations where grid power is not available.
  • Mobile Trailer Systems- Fully equipped surveillance systems that can be solar powered, or powered by an on board generator.
  • IP Camera Systems - Let us create an internal secure network of High-resolution IP cameras and devices.

Technical Surveillance

America One Security provides the highest technical surveillance and tracking equipment the world has to offer. Our staff has over twenty-five years of first hand practical experience utilizing these products. The extensive training needed to properly operate this level of technology can only be accessed through state and federal government. Operational experience, both offensive and defensive, has elevated our offering to the highest level. Few can provide the experience, products, training and most importantly results. Our categories of products include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio Transmitters, Receivers and Recorders
  • Specialized Surveillance Microphones and Recorders
  • Surreptitious Entry Equipment
  • Unmanned Aircraft
  • Video Transmitters, Receivers and Recorders
  • Audio and Video Enhancement Equipment
  • Telephone and Cellular Intercept
  • Secure Communications
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Equipment
  • Supportive Equipment for all Technologies

Information on these products is available ONLY if requested on organizational letterhead, signed and received at our headquarters. All sales are subject to approval by the US State and Commerce Department and are subject to US laws and regulations.