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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Information theft has become one of the most targeted criminal acts in recent history. Now more then ever has technology allowed for governmental, professional or personal information to be illegally obtained. A Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) can be defined as a counterintelligence activity that refers to the countermeasures employed to detect or defeat attempts to gain information, whether privileged, confidential, or of a personal nature. America One Security provides individuals whom have received extensive training in surveillance systems, installation, techniques and operation. To be efficient at the detection of such devices, one MUST be trained in the art of offensive surveillance. Training encompasses the ability to obtain information through interception of oral, wire and digital communication. Training is allowed ONLY to those serving within the intelligence community and/or state and federal law enforcement. America One Security offers the highest degree of experience and professionalism within this craft. Trained within the United States Central Intelligence Agency and other professional institutions, America One Security will properly secure your property and personal information. A portion of our offering includes:

  • TSCM Inspection – In Place Monitoring System (IPMS) is utilized during this inspection. Inspection takes place in conjunction with a meeting or event. Physical inspection of the premises is conducted.
  • TSCM Comprehensive Sweep – Highly complex inspection of all electronic equipment. All wires are checked for listening and/or video devices and sensitive areas such as telephone rooms are thoroughly inspected. Physical and visual examinations occur during this level sweep. Extensive training is required to perform this level sweep and equipment used may include Time Domain Reflectometry, Radio Frequency and Non-Linear Detection.
  • TSCM Protective Detail Sweep – Reserved for high threat situations. Encompasses our Comprehensive Sweep, but also includes the X-raying of walls, furniture, doors through thermal & light emission analysis. This inspection may also inspect for explosives and non-conventional weapons.